Hi! I am Joseph Red or ‘Pitmaster Joe’ and this is my site all about smoking, grilling, and barbequing. I will share tips and tricks for perfect backyard cooking. This is a journey for me as I do not know it all yet, but you can be sure that what I learn I will share so that we can all have fun and eat the best food with our friends and family.

Bestelectricsmoker started in 2019 as a way for me to share the knowledge of meat smoking that I have built up over the last decade as a serious bbq head and aspiring pitmaster. 

I have outgrown the domain name slightly. Yes, I still love electric smokers but have broadened my horizons and I am now also cooking on gas, pellets, and plain old wood. 

My aim is to bring you the best reviews, tips, and guides on just about anything related to barbeque cooking and smoking.