how to use an electric smoker

How to Use an Electric Smoker? A Step by Step Guide

Old forms of grilling and smoking had their own significance. But on this day and age, you got to shift on electric smokers. They are better in almost every way you want to see them. A best electric smoker affirms a lot of things for you. I mean no offence to the old methods we learnt from our parents and grandparents, we can still challenge the lengthy approaches of those techniques.

This is why an electric smoker is a bit special. I mean it allows you to cook at your desired temperature at longer duration. This way your meat is perfect and saved from spoiling. Electric smoker is considered a desirable one owing to the simplifications it bring to the entire cooking process. It is more than 50% better in operation than ordinary smokers.

This article is about all your queries regarding how to use an electric smoker. Having the best electric smoker will be a big step forward to having the best meal of your life. So, let us have a look at how to use an electric smoker to have best meals…

How to Use an Electric Smoker – Steps

1. Type of Smoker

How To Use An Electric Smoker

You need to be clear on deciding the type of electric smoker that works best for you. For instance, if you have your eyes on a vertical electric smoker, it usually is inexpensive but will not work well in colder environments. You can only use them well in warmer conditions. So, choose that electric smoker that will cater your needs best.

2. Read and Understand Instructions Manual

There are many good electric smoker brands in the market like Masterbuilt, Char-broil, and Smoke Hollow etc. Each of them has its own features, pros, and cons. The set of instructions is also different so, if you have chosen the best one for you, must go through and understand the instructions of that electric smoker. Normally, the manufacturer do provide the manual with every product. If you don’t possess one, they are available on the website of all these manufacturers.

3. Season Your Electric Smoker

The next important for learning how to use an electric smoker is to season that smoker. You need to remove the solvents, dust and odors for the smoker preparation. Using the cooking oil, coat the walls and racks of electric smoker before using it. Now, turn-on the smoker and let it run for almost 2 hours. Now, stop the electric smoker and cool it.

4. Preparation of Meat

Meat preparation for smoking in electric smoker is an important step. The whole procedure of meat preparation changes with different meat types. One thing common for almost all meat types is to marinate the meat prior to its smoking.

5. Seasoning of Meat

Using a dry rub or a smoked brisket rub, you need to season the meat. It involves applying some herbs, salts, sugar and some other ingredients as well. You can have your preferences on the ingredients for seasoning of meat. But make sure you have done it before you move on.

6. Give the Meat Some Time

Now, that you are done with preparation and seasoning of the meat, give it some time to settle preferably for a night. It will make the meat absorbing the ingredients and flavors in a great manner. Now, you can enjoy the delicious mélange of tastes.

7. Add Water to the Smoker

How to Use an Electric Smoker

Many electric smokers have a water receptacle. If your smoker has one, then you must add water to it before turning on the smoker. You can use a disposable tin for this purpose. It will remove the problem of refilling after each use.

8. Use the Appropriate Wood-Chips

Wood-chips are easily available at hardware and grocery stores. You can also get them online for your convenience. Prior to purchasing the wood chips, be sure about their compatibility with the smoker you have.

Some wood chips work best for certain electric smokers while some are not so good.  There are loads of different wood flavors to choose from and you can match them with the food that you are cooking. Some popular choices are alder, plum, hickory, and cedar for making your meals as they usually work well with electric smokers.

9. Monitoring Smoker’s Temperature

Always monitor the smoke temperature of your smoker. Once you have set the smoker to your desired temperature, wait a bit to reach that temperature. Unless the smoker reaches this temperature, don’t start smoking.

10. Start Smoking

How to Use an Electric Smoker

If the smoker has reaches the desired temperature, start the smoking process. First, put the meat on the racks in the electric smoker. Smoking can take 3 – 8 hours. Using an accurate meat thermometer, you can check the internal temperature of the meat.

This is all we say about how to use an electric smoker. This will definitely help you smoking your favorite gourmet dishes anytime you want to.

How to Use an Electric Smoker – Some Useful Tips

It is important to make good use of your electric smoker. There are some useful tips and tricks to get the best out of your electric smoker. Here they are…

how to use an electric smoker

1. Check the Plugs

Always check the plug connections of the place of smoking. If they are not suited to your device, change them otherwise you can create a mess here. The multi-functional sockets is a good choice because they usually can handle the smoker’s voltage easily.

2. Avoid Grill Indoors

Using a grill indoors can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and will definitely leave a horrible smell. You should use it outdoors where there is enough airflow for it to be used safely. If you want to use an electric smoker in the rain you should try and find somewhere covered to use it but make sure that it is open on at least 3 sides and don’t be tempted to use your electric smoker in the garage.

3. Avoid Staining Yourself

When you use an electric smoker for cooking, it may leave greasy materials on the inside. This happens due to the frequent usage of electric smokers. You should wear gloves while using the smoker. In this way, you can avoid staining yourself.

4. Proper Cleaning

Always clean your electric smoker efficiently. There is a grease tapping tray at the bottom of smoker, cover this tray with aluminum foil. After completing the cooking, now remove the foil with wipes. In this way, you can avoid painful cleaning afterwards.

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How to Use an Electric Smoker – Some FAQs

1. Can you cook pre-smoked meat in your electric smoker?

Yes, you can but it is not advisable. Usually, people do it to add some extra smoky notes.

2. How to clean the inside of your electric smoker?

It is better to clean the smoker after every use. First, unplug your smoker and allow it to cool. Now, take out the internal material like racks, water, wood chips, chip-tray, and other attachments. Now, clean large food particles with damp paper towels. Scrub the inside of the smoking chamber with a brush. Now, wipe out and dry the attachments off.

3. Is it possible to use an electric smoker inside?

You can use an electric smoker inside as long as it doesn’t use gas, charcoal, wood and fuel. There are many small electric smokers available today that can be used well inside. Make sure to check the owner’s manual before using the electric smoker inside.

4. Can you use liquid smoke in an electric smoker?

Yes, you can but it is not recommended. You have got the real deal, why go to liquid smoke.

5. How long does it take an electric smoker to reach 225°F?

It can take you about 40 minutes in most cases. You must only add meat after the smoker has finished preheating.

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